DVD Purchase Information

If you just purchased our DVD then THANKS! And thanks again for buying direct from us. We really appreciate it! :D


Once you purchase the DVD, it will be posted to you within a working week. If you are in the UK, it'll be sent by First Class Mail. You can expect it to take under a week to reach you.

If you are outside the UK or in Ireland, it'll be sent by Airmail. You can expect it to reach you within two weeks. Usually Aimail is faster than that. The further away your country from the uk however, the longer it's liable to take.

If the DVD fails to reach you within three weeks, you should contact us and we will contact the post office, to see what's up with the post being whack. We'll then either send you a replacement DVD by a tracked mail service, or if you desire give you a full refund.

If you don't like First Class or Airmail, or you know you're in a funny place with a funny postal system, contact us and we'll sort out a better form of postage specially for you.


If you don't like our DVD, or it doesn't play on your DVD Player, or you copied it already and are illegally distributing it in China, then you can send it back to us in reasonable condition, like not all scratched up and bitten by your dog, and we will send you a refund of your money, via PayPal.

There has been two cases, (out of 2000) of there being some weird white markings on the data surface of the DVD. We're sorry about that, and we have been talking to the printers about it. Send it back etc as above and we'll make sure it doesn't happen again.


We use PayPal to allow you to pay us. We really appreciate that you've come to our site to buy the DVD... It makes us happy that you support us this much! Also, we don't have to pay money to other people. And that really makes us lots happy.

If you don't want to use PayPal to pay, we don't mind that, cos they charge us money, you can send a cheque or something, use the contact us page to email us and sort out an alternative mode of payment.


We do have a big list of your information in an awesome spreadsheet on one computer that is quite liable to blow up and take all the information with it, but we don't have your email addresses in that list, so even if we did decide to suddenly become evil and sell your informations to third party economic systems to spam you with propaganda, we couldn't. Not without going through 3 years of sales records and neither of us can be bothered with that level of drudgery. In future times we will attempt to spam you with adverts for our own future DVD's. But other than this modest use, no untoward activities will take place with your data.