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Who is Meg?

Who is Steve?

Meg is also known as MCP on various forums, and creator of such websites about staff manipulation as Firestaff-Tutorials, L.A.B. Reports and well, other less well known ones. She also performs and you can find her performance website over in this nook here. Well that's the plugging done then but what about Meg herself? Well she's quite happy to be described by the blurb on the back of the DVD box, so you should go buy it and read it. ^_^

Steve is a guy with a film degree, and is also known as the ApprovingNinja, due to a convoluted story from a night of revelry at an EJC of yore. He has also contributed to L.A.B. Reports, thou that is nothing to be proud of. Without him, the DVD would be nowhere near as professional or even approaching 'good. He wanted his description to be composed of just the single word "Awesome", Meg wanted the DVD to be ready before 2008 began. We can't all get what we want it seems.